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Quality electrical service completed by Journeyman Electricians in Kamloops and area

We are CERTIFIED in BC Electrical Code.

We are LICENSED as a Class 'B' Field Safety Representative.

We are BONDED to ensure safe and quality work.

We SPECIALIZE in Commercial and Residential:

  • Construction
  • Installations
  • Renovations
  • Service upgrades
  • Panel upgrades

We are EXPERIENCED in a range of services,
from the simple to the extreme. We're ready to meet your needs in Kamloops and the surrounding area. 

Planning, construction or renovation from A to Z

Years of electrical experience means we have the skills and know-how to complete the job. Whether it's residential repairs or commercial installations, our electricians are prepared to do the job right.


Your electrical needs are our priority

Electrical needs can surprise you. We offer fast and cost-effective solutions for the electrical problems you have, or the changes you're planning for.